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Help Wanted!

gossipgirlnews is automated, meaning we use a script to automatically sort and compile the newsletter from recent links in our Delicious account. Editors spend about 15 minutes every day reading their assigned filter and collecting, labeling, and tagging links for our Delicious. Three times a week, an editor runs the script, proofreads and corrects the output, and posts the newsletter.

  • You must be a super huge fan of the best show ever, obviously!

  • You must commit to spending up to an hour each week sifting through a filter of Gossip Girl communities/news and collecting links for the newsletter. Links should be collected regularly, at least every other day.

  • You should be over the age of 18. We'll take your word for it, but you will be linking to (and likely reading through) posts that contain adult content. So you should probably be an adult!

  • You must have regular access to a reliable Internet connection.

  • You cannot be spoiler-phobic. (Unfortunately, there is simply no way to compile the newsletter without always being moderately spoiled for upcoming episodes.)

  • You must be open minded. gossipgirlnews is an inclusive newsletter, and you'll be linking to all sorts of things, regardless of your personal preferences.

  • Familiarity with delicious.com is a plus, but it's not required as long as you're willing to learn. (And it's *really* easy!)
If none of that scares you away, drop us a comment in this post. If you've got questions, ask away.
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