Gossip Girl News Watcher Journal (ggirls_watcher) wrote,
Gossip Girl News Watcher Journal

Without you, we're nothing!

Welcome to the watcher journal of gossipgirlnews! What should you do if we've friended you? Nothing! You don't need to friend this journal back. You don't need to comment. You don't need to visit us ever again. All you have to do is be interesting and creative; Upper East Siders aren't the only ones who can make headlines.

DON'T FRIEND THE WATCHER JOURNAL. We are only interested in keeping up with public Gossip Girl-related content and commentary; we do not link to f'locked material. When you friend ggirls_watcher, it means more work for us. It also means that our entire editorial staff will have access to your locked posts, and we know you don't want that.

DON'T COMMENT with links to commentary, news items, or fanworks. Send us the deets at tips4gossipgirl@gmail.com or comment on the most recent newsletter at gossipgirlnews.

DO COMMENT if you or your community would like to be friended (or unfriended).

DO JOIN GOSSIP GIRL NEWS for dish on all of the latest going-ons in the Gossip Girl fandom.

We'll be watching you!

XOXO, Gossip Girl News
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